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 About Razna lake
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 National park ”Razna”
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 We welcome you the traveller to the "Land of blue lakes"-Latgale!

Latgale is called the land of blue lakes from time immemorial, because there are about a thousand reservoirs there.

Use this magnificent opportunity to get a real pleasure from travelling around the vicinity of the nature reserve Razna where you can come into contact with the pride of the Latgalian region deep lake Razna which natural beauty is wonderful to see at any season of the year and which delights everybody.

The lake is situated among fabulous Latgalian sites of ancient time wrapped up by legendary mountains such as Makonkalns and Liela Liepu kalns-Big lime tree mountain (289,3 m above sea level) the third highest peak in Latvia.

Local inhabitants call the lake Razna "Latgalian sea" with their special love. The lake is the biggest one according to it's displacement (405 millions m3) of water which makes up almost 20% of water of all Latgalian lakes and it's the second in Latvia according to the size after lake Lubanas(57,56 square km but including islands it is 57,81 square km) The greatness of lake Razna is also it's size, the length of the lake in west-eastern direction is 12,1 km, the width 7km(eastern part). The average depth- 7m, the deepest place is 17 m. There are ten picturesque islands on the lake.

"Exclusive natural pearl"- lake Razna has the water comparable with drinking water by it's quality and it corresponds to the required European standards.
According to the structure of flora and fauna "Latgalian sea" has a special significance not only for Latvia but also for the countries of Baltic sea., because 27 kinds of fish dwell here which makes up almost 90% of all fish which you can find in the lakes of Latvia. It is worth to point out that 7 kinds of fish are in directive of European Union 92/43. Lake Razana is among the leading in fish economy of Latvia.

Transparent water of the lake and easy reachable sandy banks assisted the lake to become the favourite place of leisure and the variety of fish that live in the depth of the lake attracts plenty of people who love fishing. The cultural-historical environment and natural monuments which surround legendary "Latgalian sea"- lake Razna is also of great interest.