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Nacional park „Razna”

 Everything has it's own source as in the fairy-tales "Once upon a time..." Natural park Razna also has it's own history and beginning and we hope that thanks to our humanity and understanding it will have a happy future!

Approximately 16 thousand years ago the melting of ice started in the south-eastern part of Latvia and the territory gradually set free from ice covering. As a result original natural relief was formed-mountains and lake. Today we know this territory as natural reserve Razna.

Lielais LiepukalnsThe whole territory of the natural reserve "Razna" is 532 square km, from which 86 square km (18%) are covered by lakes' waters. The biggest lake is Razna. It's area including islands is 57810ha.

There is plenty of significant natural monuments situated on the park's territory such as Big lime- tree mountain (289,3m above the sea level, mountain Dzirkalu (2863), Makonkalns (247,9m) as well as cultural historical monuments of local and state importance . Forests occupy almost 20% from all territory of the park. The population is 5000 people, most of them are agricultural farmers.
Rāznas ezers no Mākoņkalna
If you like to enjoy everything that nature offers you, natural reserve Razna is a real place for leisure and tourism. Here you can find guest houses, camping etc. with all the necessities for comfortable leisure and rest


Pie Lielā LiepukalnaIn reserve Razna natural environment, cultural, historical values of Latgale culture are preserved. The pottery is evidence of this. You will find now here in Latgale only such pottery as this.
There are also very rare protected Latvia plants, rare birds, fish and animals.
Nature surrounds you with all it's variety. You have only to see it, to feel it and to realise it.